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m2mAIR Module Management

Can you...

  • See if your critical devices have network coverage and troubleshoot?
  • Adjust connectivity usage from one to all your devices instantly to avoid overage charges?
  • Find an m2m rate plan that will only bill you for devices generating revenue for you?
  • Tell where each of your devices is, anytime, anywhere, without using GPS?
  • Ask the module in your device to report its setup and running status?

m2mAIR's Remote Module Management Service answers YES to all your questions.

m2mAIR provides an innovative e-Portal based on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) framework for module management, enabling customers to remotely and proactively diagnose and troubleshoot network performance and other service metrics on an individual m2m terminal basis both on home and roaming networks.

Module Management

Login to the e-Portal here

Telit's communication modules offer a rich set of AT commands. These AT commands are the API to the module’s functionality. Through advanced Module Management Services, m2mAIR allows customers to use module APIs and features over the air that their terminal based applications were not initially designed to use.

Through m2mAIR Module Management it is possible to access these services after the modules have been shipped and installed (post-production) providing customers access to value added services  not directly linked to the terminal application. All this is achieved easily and seamlessly, post production, through a modern SaaS web platform.

Core Functionality:


Proactive Remote Troubleshooting

m2mAIR is the only m2m Managed Connectivity provider capable of controlling the module when offering module management, resulting in:

  • Superior performance, redundancy & network coverage
  • Better Security and enhanced cost control (real-time)

When exceptions and monitored events occur, m2mAIR customers receive real-time alerts keeping them constantly abreast of the latest status. Upon receiving these alerts, customers can make use of a comprehensive toolset to perform remote hardware, IP, or GSM troubleshooting and diagnostics. After analyzing the situation users can issue remote AT commands and monitor results through new alerts of status changes. This provides customers total control over the m2m application in the field along with the possibility of solving problems remotely.


Problem solving


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