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Security Framework

m2mAIR's Multilayer Security Framework

Security is a fundamental requirement in all communication and networking solutions. The m2mAIR approach to security is multi-dimensional. It is based on preventive technologies focused on authentication and encryption, as well as defensive technologies that deal post factum with malevolent events like interception and theft.


The core security solutions implemented by m2mAIR are:

  • IPsec (SSL) VPN Tunneling all the way from the module to the backend, using Telit modules embedded SSL stack implementation and the m2mAIR IP Core. This provides powerful encryption (on top the standard GPRS/EDGE/HSPA encryption) and removes the possibility of eavesdropping on the data communications.
  • Dedicated APN – A dedicated APN association to the subscription prevents a stolen SIM card being misused for unwarranted data communication.
  • Secure SIM authentication and PIN code – requires authentication before a data channel is setup, either explicit or implicit based on the hardware identification. This technology prevents unwarranted data usage and misuse of stolen SIM cards.
  • Secure SMSC – assures that all SMS communications to the deployment subscriptions is done from a designated secure SMSC. This prevents spoofing and the ability to send false commands to m2m applications / solutions that use SMS as a Mobile Terminated (MT) OTA control and configuration bearer. Using Secure SMSC the possibility of using SMS as an attack vector on an M2M application / solution is greatly reduced.
  • Module based policy management – is a real-time, module-based usage hedging solution that protects against unpredicted data usage caused, for example, by application software issues.
  • Embedded Jamming Detection (Roadmap) – A diagnostic security feature that can report either in real time or post factum that a jamming attempt, intended to block mobile coverage, was made in the vicinity of the module. This is mainly applicable to applications in the security vertical space.

Security solutions and respective use cases





 SIM Theft
  • Embedded SSL encryption
  • IPsec
  • Network usage alarms & limits
  • Module-embedded usage policy management
  • Secure SMSC
  • Embedded SSL encryption
  • IPsec
  • Embedded jamming detection
  • PIN Authentication
  • Dedicated APN
  • "Secure SIM"
  • Network & module based policy management
  • Low bandwidth tunnel
  • IMEI verification
  • VPN IPsec


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