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SIM Cards & Rate Plans 

In partnership with Telefónica, one of the largest telecommunication companies worldwide, m2mAIR provides you SIM Cards that enable global coverage.


Our SIM cards feature:

Data, SMS, and Voice services
Multiple local operators on SIM Card for enhanced network coverage, redundancy and performance
Different SIM card types:
- Standard Plug-In SIM
- High temperature tolerant m2m Plug-In SIM
- VQFN8 SIM (SIM on chip) for m2m
No minimum terms for SIM card billing cycle activation
No minimum duration for SIM subscription
SIM card testing and installation “modes” included in the subscription globally
Plug-and-play cards with automated provisioning

Rate Plans: Paradigm shift in usage
billing and cost control

m2mAIR provides customers with real time cost control thanks to a state-of-the-art m2m managed connectivity offer that features:
- Transparent and ethical billing practices - customers pay only when the subscription is in an active state
- Subscription is billable only upon occurrence of pre-defined and agreed business rules
- Low-cost "Pay-as-you-use" model
- Industry’s first of its kind bill-shock prevention solution based on real-time embedded usage control for superior cost control and fraud prevention

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