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Unique Offering

m2mAIR, in partnership with Telefónica, provides a unique offering that ensures:

  • Full control of the module
  • Full control of every SIM card
  • Superior performance, redundancy & network coverage
  • Comprehensive security
  • Enhanced real-time cost control
  • Unmatched technical support

All from one single source:

one stop shop solution


m2mAIR offerings represent a paradigm shift in rate plans which target optimal m2m economics. Users are empowered with comprehensive and flexible embedded resources for real-time usage policy management. Network traffic and network price-zone alarms warn users in real-time about exception and monitored events. Transparency, ethics, and simplicity coupled with predictable pricing practices protect users from bill-shocks. And thanks to flexible SIM life-cycle management tools, users are always in full control of their SIM cards.

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