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m2mAIR  - Our Mission

The m2m industry is at an interesting evolutionary point nowadays. On the one hand it is still very much a "Do It Yourself" industry in need of stable and common application development standards, protocols, middleware and development tools. When designing and building an m2m application / solution one is required not only put all the pieces together and deal with the complexities of building a working scalable client server application, but also to deal with complex logistic issues like global connectivity procurement, scalable subscription lifecycle management, and efficient troubleshooting deployment issues as well as various other difficulties that apply to most m2m applications.

On the other hand, the industry is growing, applications and solutions across all m2m industry verticals are becoming more complex, pervasive and global and a high quality standard is expected both from the core product and from the operational perspective. m2mAIR by Telit is uniquely positioned to offer a connectivity solution and a set of managed services that allow m2m application / solution providers to focus on what they really need to do, i.e. design, develop, deploy and run business applications.

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