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WHY – Challenges and Solutions

Solving challenges with best in class services and pricing

Today more than ever, m2m solution and service providers face mounting challenges with m2m connectivity starting with the design phase and lasting through their application lifetimes.

These challenges include also:

Lowering the Bill of Materials (BOM) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Solution providers are constantly under pressure to lower their BOM and TCO.


Network coverage, performance and redundancy

In many countries, and specifically for business, mission-critical, and fixed-wireless (stationary) m2m deployments, network coverage is a prevalent problem.


Real-Time cost control

The cost of connectivity is critical to the success of any m2m solution. Solution providers continue to find it very hard to predict and control their connectivity bills.


Technical support and

The majority of problems bothering companies realizing m2m solutions are related to technical support. Often connectivity providers today cannot adequately support technical issues that arise throughout the lifetime of m2m solutions.


End-to-End Security

Solution deployments in m2m are constantly exposed to security risks such as hijacking, interception and SIM theft.


M2M Supply Chain

Each customer and furthermore, each new application deployment has its own specific set of configuration, installation and roll-out plans which might be regional or global, and occur over a long period of time, all of which significantly increase complexity.


Automated subscription life cycle managementSubscription

The life cycle management of many m2m applications is still too complex and not automated.

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